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Blog Archives dated November 2013

field notes project

why am i not surprised

A few years ago, walking in Point Pleasant Park, I found a seagull feather. I dipped it in seawater and wrote with it on a rock, the first phrase that came to mind: i miss you more on cloudy days. I photographed the words as they evaporated. Later I made another of these, spelling out with fragments of seaweed: why am i not surprised. I left it for the wind to disassemble. I called these field notes and wrote a poem to accompany each.

I’m happy to report that I’ve received a Professional Projects grant from the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council to continue this series of gestures. So I’ll be posting progress and research notes here as I go.

Travel by Implication

The weird geographical synesthesia of seeing a U-Haul emblazoned with “Salt Lake City”, and with an Alberta license plate, in the middle of a small town in Newfoundland. As if the universe is attempting to triangulate the heart of the continent in its own inscrutable way.

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