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Green Street From Memory

Walking makes me want to write. While living in Halifax last year I walked a lot, often with a camera or a notebook. My favourite coffeeshop in Halifax is Paper Chase on Blowers, with its large tables and windows overlooking Argyle, but on days when I really wanted to focus I would often walk a little further to Coburg Coffee, where I was less likely to run into anyone I knew. I was trying to find time to work on various projects: poems, notebooks, sometimes code. I was trying to put a dent in a stack of books as well, in particular a couple of collections of Don McKay and John Steffler. I resolved to read Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture only while outdoors, pausing with it in the Public Gardens on my walk home. A little of this aimlessness found its way into my work, always starting sketchbooks and journals that didn’t stick. This drawing is from one of those.

(Iguana sighting)

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