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Probable System Sketches

Some sketches and notes I made a few years ago while working on Probable System, an experimental web game inspired by bpNichol’s “Probable Systems” series of poems. It’s a little adventure game, and the map is based on a computer keyboard. This was the first game I made using JavaScript.


Reading Paul Muldoon’s Quoof. Poetry makes for encouraging reading in the mornings; the pages pass quickly and I feel I’ve accomplished something before I’ve even finished my tea. Poems make me feel like trying things, they stretch my brain a bit. Sometimes I read a little aloud, stretching my tongue as well. Muldoon provides wonderful mouthfuls of Irishness: his three mooley heifers. It’s all much of a muchness.

I love these lines:

She turns from the sink
potato in hand. A Kerr’s Pink,
its water-dark
port-wine birthmark
that will answer her knife
with a hieroglyph.

E and M play games (3)


Another photobook page, expanded from this indexical diptych.

Bark beetle codex

Hiking near South Fork Trinity River this afternoon, and found this amazing piece of wood in a pile of debris washed up at a bend in the river. It’s about 5′ long and completely covered in intricate, overlapping bark beetle markings. Click the image above for a larger version.



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