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Where I have trailed off

This is closer to what I want to get at with this book project. The writing is from a trip to Montreal in 2010, the photos from when I lived there in 2006 (both were on my old photoblog, non*glossy).


I want to make a book of writing and photography, roughly structured around some of the diptychs from indexical. This project has been in the back of my head for a couple of years now. Whenever I thumb through old notebooks or photos I realize that I’ve probably already written a book, it’s just a matter of excavating it. So I have been brushing away the excess and starting to assemble things. One problem has always been how to integrate the writing and photos, something I experimented with on my old oughtful blog (see writing outdoors and field notes 1 and 2). I always imagined the writing would be written specifically for the book, but over the past few weeks I’ve been scanning writing from some of my recent notebooks, and I’ve started pairing the scanned handwriting with photography.

Here is a sketch of what I’ve been trying, using some material from a few years ago (Point Pleasant Park, Halifax). There are definitely some weaknesses with this that I still need to work out – the writing dominates here, and isn’t the strongest, but I like that it mentions my camera. I don’t want the photos to always depict what is in the writing, but it seemed to work here.

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