About Favimon

Favimon is a web-based game which lets you battle your favourite websites, building a collection of icons as you attempt to conquer the web.

Favicons are small icons which are used to identify websites in your web browser's address bar, tabs or favourites. In Favimon, these icons come to life as characters that can be challenged and collected in epic battles.

This is a browser game coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. It uses jQuery, jQuery UI and a random assortment of plugins. It retrieves favicons using Google's favicon API and Jason Cartwright's getFavicon app. See the FAQ for details.

The game was created by Matthew Hollett. In February 2011, Favimon was awarded Most Original Game in the Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 Competition. I wrote an extensive blog post about developing the game.

You can link to Favimon at favimon.com, or follow @matthewhollett on Instagram.

2018 Update

In 2013 I removed Favimon from the web. It was offline for about 5 years. In December 2018, I put it back up because someone asked nicely.

Disclaimer: Favimon is an original work which does not intentionally copy any game or violate any trademarks. Search results may contain material which may be subject to copyright. Favicon images are hosted by external favicon retrieval services.