Frequently Asked Questions

What is Make No Wonder?

Make No Wonder is an HTML5 game where you explore a wilderness landscape, collecting resources and building structures and tools to survive. The terrain is procedurally-generated, so it is different each time you play.

The game is built with HTML, JavaScript and PHP, using HTML5 Canvas and jQuery. It was designed and coded by Matthew Hollett, a visual artist and web developer in Newfoundland, Canada. For more, see About.

How does the game work? How do I get started?

On the start page, choose a map size to start playing the game. The 'normal' map size is recommended. A smaller map will make it easier to find key items, while it can be harder to find some items on the larger maps.

When you begin the game, you are lost in the wilderness. Use the arrow keys (or W·A·S·D keys) to walk around and explore. You can collect resources such as wood and stones by walking over them. Use the mouse to select 'actions' from the menu on the right. Most actions let you build things. Once you collect certain resources, other actions will let you craft new items.

Camps are useful to clear fog and let you see more of the landscape. To build a camp, click the 'Camp' action and then click a tile near you on the map. Camps must be built on a 2×2 area of field tiles. Building a camp uses up 2 stone, 2 wood, and 2 boughs. To build more camps, collect more of these resources.

You can also use the 'N' key to switch between actions, and the 'ESC' key exits the camp inventory window and cancels things. Use the 'view size' option in the top right corner to adjust the game view to better fit your web browser window.

How do I use actions?

The 'actions' panel shows you possible actions based on the resources you are carrying. Explore and collect different resources to discover more actions.

Square actions allow you to build structures, vehicles, and other things. Click the build action, then click on a suitable tile on the map that is within your reach. Each object can only be built on certain tiles.

Round actions allow you to craft new items. Click the craft action to craft the item, which will immediately appear in your inventory.

Building and crafting use up resources.

You can use the 'N' key on your keyboard to quickly switch between building actions.

How do I use the inventory?

The 'carrying' panel shows the items you are carrying. Move your cursor over an item for a description of it. To discard an item, click it and then click the 'OK to discard' confirmation button. Discarded items are gone forever.

When at a camp or other storage area, clicking items will transfer them between your inventory and the storage area.

Some items take up more than one inventory slot. Some storage areas have an infinite supply of special items.

What am I supposed to do?

Have fun! Explore the area around where you start and collect resources and items. Collecting different resources lets you craft useful tools and build more advanced structures and vehicles.

If you explore more of the map, you may come across areas where you can find special items. Try exploring the edges of the map, or building a fire next to something flammable.

It may be possible to find your way out of the wilderness.

What happens if I run out of energy?

Energy slowly dissipates as you move around and do things. If you lose all your energy, you will occasionally faint, but you can keep playing.

If you fall in water, you can become cold. Your energy reduces more quickly when you are cold. Visit a camp or other shelter to warm up.

You can regain energy by eating berries or other food items, or by visiting camps or other shelters.

How can I get off this tiny island?

Explore the perimeter of the island to see if there is other land nearby. You can cross most water channels with clever combinations of bridges and stepping stones. Hint: click stepping stones before they sink to pick them up again (if you are not already standing on a stepping stone).

If there is no land nearby, try collecting wood or birchbark to build a raft or canoe.

Due to the randomly-generated nature of the game, it is possible to start the game on a remote island without enough resources to build a boat. If this happens, just start a new game.

Is there a list of everything I can build?

No, part of the fun of Make No Wonder is figuring things out for yourself. To discover new actions, try to collect different combinations of resources, or collect a lot of one kind of resource. Check out the screenshots for some idea of what is possible.

How do I save my game?

Keep the game open in your web browser. It is not yet possible to save your game between sessions. I am working on adding this feature.

Can I play on my iPad?

The game has not been tested extensively on mobile devices yet. At the moment the game crashes Mobile Safari, so it doesn't work on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. I'm hoping to get this working eventually. I may also offer the game as an app in the future.

How can I report bugs or errors?

You can reach me here. It's usually helpful if you include which web browser you are using. Thanks for your help!

Who made this, and how can I contact you?

Favimon was designed and developed by Matthew Hollett. I'm a visual artist and web developer in Newfoundland, Canada. Questions, suggestions, and bug reports are most welcome; you can reach me here.

I received a Professional Project Grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council to work on this project. This has made a huge difference in the amount of time I am able to devote to the project, and I'm very thankful for their support.

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council